Buck is killing it lately!

Wool. Merino Wool. Soft, cuddly, odour-resistant, warm, light, moisture-managing wool. The best natural fibre, baa none. Ewe wooldn’t baalieve how chuffed we were to work with the iconic Australian brand The Woolmark Company on this character driven story.


Seed is a free project that we did to try out ideas and techniques. And to have an excuse for commiting to the craziest of all entries on the brainstorming flip chart. A big Thank You! goes out to Maxon for their tremendous support.


Brilliant short!

Through a combination of powerful imagery and atmospheric pace Genesis dares us to fleetingly glimpse our own origins, our civilisation and the known universe. Drawing heavily on a visual currency distilled from the subconscious and the psychology of self, we are taken on a stark journey marrying rippling, organic forms with stern, unyielding geometry.

VFX Madness #102

VFX Madness #101

In this series of posts I will feature awesome up to date VFX, movie trailers and other nice-looking related stuff, I come across the interwebs!

Motion Design Inspiration #101

Since I go through blogs almost daily, I decided to start weekly posts with a couple of current inspirational motion design pieces, music videos, motion graphics and other neat moving images!

So, here is my collection #101!