NIKE Genealogy of Free - 2014

❞ As a tribute to the Nike Free collection, the “Genealogy of Nike Free” zoetrope rotates seven shoes in interactive loops, creating a cutting-edge 3D online WebGL experience. Produced by Berlin-based animation studio Sehsucht, the Nike Free zoetrope also transforms to a sequencer and lets the user create new beats.

Innovative, captivating and artistic design was the goal for the website. The original Nike shoes were sent animated in 3D. The real beauty in the experience is the balance between the realistic look and feel from Nike headquarters to Sehsucht Berlin, where every detail was modeled and of the shoes and the experimental usability of the zoetrope.

The Nike Free zoetrope animations are viewable via mobile and are also presented embedded in POS installations in selected Nike stores, as well as on social media such as Instagram.

For the less well-equipped user a non-WebGL version is available with cutting edge parallax design and prerendered product content. 

Production Company: SEHSUCHT Berlin.

Role: 3D modeling, animation, texturing, shading, rendering

AwardsFWA (2014), Lovie Awards (2014, Finalist in "Best HTML 5") 

For full credits visit SEHSUCHT online.