Nike Strike Series FA16

I've been working for quiet some weeks with an awesome team at the studio ONFORMATIVE on this epic project for NIKE. Learned a lot about working with 3d body scans and mocap data.

“Unique 3D imagery manifests the power and precision of world-class athletes through short films. Recorded training data was the driving force behind the captivating visuals to reveal the true essence of the players.”

Commissioned by Nike Global Football, onformative created still images and short films for the fall 2016 launch of the Strike Series apparel collection. By creating full body scans of world-class athletes Cristiano Ronaldo, Mario Götze, Neymar and Jérôme Boateng, specialized 3D models of the players were created as the base for the visuals. The dynamic direction was combined with motion captured data from training drills to reveal one of a kind imagery and exemplify the nature of the campaign under the slogan ‘Play fast, train faster’.

The films focus on the innovative aspects of the collection as the power and precision of the athletes emerge through the digital settings. Through the build-up of energetic matter, the players gradually appear until the full athlete is uncovered in an active stride. The data of their distinctive characteristics such as speed, velocity and physical skills, inspired the variation to define and stylize the figures.


Client: Nike Global Football
Nike Design Director: Nick Parknson

Creative Direction: Cedric Kiefer
Design/Animation: R. Schmidt, D. Öztürk, R. Gambacciani, D. Weidemann
Compositing: Fran Sanchez de Cañete
Production: Lars Wagner, Ian Otto
Sound: Jens Fischer

3D Scanning: Mimic Productions